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Preferred VPS - Windows or Linux?
For example I noticed that server with Linux costs cheaper than Windows. Is it possible to buy Linux server and change OS to Windows?

Warning: All of your questions in this thread could have been easily answered by a simple Google search. No more questions in this thread please or they will be deleted.
i prefear linux. 
You should think that linux is open source and  that there'is a huge community can help you.
Always linux. Everything is just a lot more flexible and modular. Debian or Arch.
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Linux VPS- more stable than a windows server, more secure, for people who know what they are doing (so less average joe people on the site)
It all depends on what you want to do with the vps.  If you need MS Sql Express database engine than you need M$ VPS.  If you need to run ASP/.net web content then you need to run a M$ VPS.  If you want to use Internet Explorer or any other M$ app you need a windows VPS. 

If you want php/mysql/postgresql or sqlexpress3 then you want a Linux VPS. 

Be warned however that M$ VPS's usually require more resources as it's a hungrier OS and will therefore cost you more.
I think Linux preferable for VPS (I'm also not great familiar with Linux) because it's easier setups by use terminal than Windows. When you'll install your app on server you'll likely use SSH connection, and if it'll be Linux server you'll have almost no problems. Also Windows have a lot of different viruses and day by day them becomes more and more.
I recomand you to use LinuxCentos 7 x64 with Virtualmin as hosting pannel, you can install php5 and php7 too, and in fapt its a free web pannel and most secure : ).
Windows Vps it is for aplications based on .net.
Linux Vps its more focused on websites hosting.
Best Regards.
The decion to choose the server depend from the software that you will install. Some web apps have baetter performance in windows than in linux, some others works better in linux.
Most tutorials are for linux systems, and i guess most web servers are linux systems. besides that, every developer should be able to work with a linux terminal, in my opinion

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