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Which security plugin to use?
I am starting on wordpress, i see there MUST to use security plugins to protect the site... so your the wordpress user, can you please share your thoughts and plugins you use.
thank you,
Wordfence is the most popular security plugin, and the second-most WP plug-in overall. It's definitely a good place to start.

If you want to take a look at some other plug-ins, I would recommend to check
Agreed with @Stijn. I've got Wordfence on all of my Wordpress sites. I also use the WP Limit Login Attempts plugin on all of my sites:
Yes, Wordfence  is a good choice, and you should use hideWp, and of course set correct 644 permisions for your config file.
Best regards.
It's not  only a plugin that can check and prevent the security of your site site. You need to adjust some rules in .htaccess for example, and others parameters in admin modules Yahoo
just want to remind you: the best security is to use as less plugins as possible due to the fact that the most invulnerables come from non-professional coders.

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